jalas and kamene
jalas and kamene

There is a damning report that shows that the demand for oxygen has doubled from 410 tonnes to 880 tonnes in just one year due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe says they’re working with development partners to ensure all 75 oxygen plants in the country are operational.

The most scariest and shocking revelation is that the CS revealed that 20,000 empty oxygen cylinders are still held up in people’s homes and health facilities, limiting the fight against Covid-19.

This got Kamene asking whether everything is for sale in this country.

"There are some hospitals that are struggling with Oxygen. Oxygen capacity is a big big problem especially if you go to the county hospitals. 20,000 oxygen cylinders went missing, how?" Kamene asked.

Jalang'o believes that there are some rich people holding on to them just in case they need them in the future.

Wameweka kwa nyumba, they have ICU beds in their houses, there are some that are full and being kept in their houses so that in case anything happens afike huko aambiwe we don't have oxygen aseme "I came with my own."

The shocking revelation got Kamene asking the million dollar question;

"Yaani anything is for sale in Kenya? "