Sauti Sol's Polycarp aka Fancy Fingers is that father we all want for our children and that husband we want.

He is such a sweet and real guy. What you see is what you get, there is nothing more to him and we appreciate such men because Nairobi is a difficult place to be in.

Bright and early, Polycarp posted a video of him and his son whom he refers to as 'king' starting off their day at 6 am. He even makes a snack for their son with Lady Mandy.

The video had so many 'awws' and love heart emojis because manz is just being cute.

It's crazy how these days we see a man performing his duty as a father and we get excited. Well in as much as that is his job, many have neglected it and left the duty for mother only.

But not Polycarp. We have still not been accorded the privilege of seeing their son's face but as Lady Mandy told us during the premier of Sol Family season 2, there will be more of them as parents in the show. Hopefully we will get to see his face.

For now, enjoy this cute video below: