Maureen Waititu was raised by her mother and her father was not as present as the books portray.

When she grew up, she finally had the chance to meet him and they created a relationship and a bond. Remember the picture of both of them reuniting in the club?

According to the story she used to make a lot of effort in trying to create a relationship with her dad and it was just never working out. Maureen said, he just never wanted to.

Speaking during a recent interview with Pinky Ghelani, Maureen Waititu for the first time speaks about her rebuild relationship with her paps and what it feels like

"My dad came into my life just recently and it is a powerful thing to talk to my dad when I feel like it.

One thing I appreciate about my mum was in as much as they were not in a relationship, she never talked ill about him. She would always allow me to talk to him or try to build a relationship with him.

I am also in the same situation and I learned never to talk ill to my kids about their father.

I remember going for therapy and I was told to let go of any mistake my parents did for me to be okay. I but in work to break the cycle which helps me learn about myself.

Therapy is a very good place to be. Best school I have attended." Maureen told Pinky

Growing up in a single-parent household and being in the same position has her learning so much to be the best mother she can be to her two boys.

Reconnecting with her father is definitely a plus in her life as a parent and a woman.