Vera Sidika has had so much pressure to get children from the time she dated Otile, to Chansa and now to Brown Mauzo. 

The next thing everyone expects after marriage is definitely a child. But not for Vera, she is still not ready. Until she finds the perfect man.

"I can’t just go around having babies with everyone. I’ve never gotten pregnant coz I always prevent it. But the day I do, it’s cause I am ready at that time and want it…" Vera Sidika said

The question and concern of many on social media is how will the baby look like. It is common knowledge that she bleached her skin and is worth millions.

But her child will definitely not be that skin color because well, science.

”Itabidi uzae na mzungu ama mwarabu upate ka pointy but uyo Brown Mauzo utashtukia mtoto amepata rangi ya ma ancestor ametoka dark.” A fan DMd Vera

To which she responded by saying, 

”And what’s wrong with dark babies? Are they not human?”

Vera posted a screenshot of the conversation and captioned saying,

”It’s very unfortunate whenever someone writes; oh our baby will be dark oh he/she won’t be cute cos he/she will be dark. Wtf! So y’all mean dark babies ain’t cute? It gets me sick to my damn stomach.”

But why are we stressing Vera. Let her enjoy her marriage with Brown Mauzo and when they are both ready to have a child, by all means.