At what age do Kenyan parents have that relationship talk with their children?

That was the big question this morning as Chito and Jalas tried to look at where we went wrong as a society in terms of looking after and guiding our kids.

Their conversation was inspired by Justice Said Juma Chitembwe who according to, is remembered for setting free a man who had been convicted of defilement. He defended his ruling, saying the child appeared willing to have sex with the defendant.

“How do you take a 19-year-old young man to 15 years in jail for having a relationship with a 17-year-old girl?” Chitembe wondered.

As Jalang'o believes many people started having relationships back in high school, Chito thinks we should shun away from blaming each other when things go astray with our kids.

"As a society, we should get out of the spirit of blaming each other, parents blaming teachers, teachers blaming students and parents. We should embrace ubuntu where we take care of each other's children." Said Chito.

He added,

When someone else's kids comes to visit my kids then I have the responsibility to teach them about how to protect each other and themselves.

Asked at what age they start initiating such conversations, here are some of the reactions from Kenyans;

Derick: When her or his behavior Change, Ukimwona Ananza kuficha Mambo

Mogaks: As early as they are 9 yrs you'll start it gradually

Sindani Philip: After something wrong has happened, like pregnancy or STI has occurred.