With over 1.2 million followers and all the hard work to get there, Nameless' Instagram account was hacked.

On Sunday, he went live with his wife Wahu to help raise money for baby Ayah who is in need of a medical fund to the tune of sh270Million.

Taking to social media, Wahu informed us that her boo's page has been hacked hence the random post on his feed.

"Hey fam. NAMELESS INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT HAS BEEN HACKED. We are working to resolve the issue but for now please disregard any posts coming from Nameless Kenya account." 

Celebrities being hacked has become the new norm with so many of them sharing their stress to get it back. Remember Brendah Jons? She was even asked to pay a ransom to get her account back.

Wahu said she will keep us updated on the progress but we hope they manage to get it back. Content creation is not easy, it is full of hard work and creativity.