Khaligraph Jones has been very vocal when it comes to the situation we have been in as a country since COVID-19 hit Kenya.

A lot of measures have been put in place since 2020 and most of these measures have affected the likes of Khaligraph Jones, Willy Paul and so many others in the entertainment industry.

With that said, Khali has severally said that he is doing okay, he is just fighting for the rights of others who are suffering.

Taking to social media over the weekend, he sent a message to Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga and William Ruto who all hold powerful positions Kenya.

Out of the three, Ruto is the only one who replied with a plan.

"Hustler, najua we utasoma Hii, Ma Husler Wanaumia Kwa ground, Watu wanalala Njaa, Nyumba zinafungwa, If you help us in This Situation, I will campaign for you for free in the coming Elections, Kindly help Unlock our Country," Khaligraph told Ruto

To which the Vice President responded by saying,

"Bazuu Khaligraph, nimepata message yako bro. Ahsante. Mimi najua the pain of sleeping hungry. As a personal initiative, niko ready kusaidia as we complement government programs on the same. I will also mobilize my friends to get some more tusaidie. Sasa, tafadhali kama uko na time kidogo on your schedule, 1. Talk to fellow artists and others on how mtasaidia kupeana food. 2. Mkipata time ingine kidogo, mjipange we share ideas on how to help the creative industry. Najua huko kuna talent mingi tu sana. Mungu awabariki."

How true this is, only time will tell.