Creatives in the entertainment industry are calling upon The President H.E Uhuru Kenyatta to open up the country.

Since the second lock down, entertainers have had to stay at home as bars, concerts and entertainment spaces were closed.

In March, the president declared a cessation of movement in five counties; Nairobi, Kajiado, Machakos, Kiambu and Nakuru counties

In this areas, curfew runs from 8pm to 4am while the rest of the country from 10pm to 4am.

Here's messages from different celebrities to The President;

Willy Paul

"Mr. President, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. Kenyans are suffering now more than ever. Kenyans elected you with hopes of a better life not what they're going through now. If you're really a President of the people then this is the time for you to show us. Show Kenyans that you're feeling their pain, show them that you're with them in this hard time.Now that you've locked the country and the curfew is still alive, how do you expect Kenyans to survive Mr. President? No no no no!! I'm not buying that. Unlock our country sir.. we want to work, make money feed our families and pay our bills!! We are tired aaai! Prices going up. yaani high cost of living, at the same time we are paying loans na hatuna pesa.. please do something about it."



"We must accept that we are on our own and nobody cares about what we are going through and if we cant do something now nothing will change! So Mr. President announces an 8pm curfew and we accept but as we rush to beat the curfew time the roads are blocked!! In that traffic there are essential services providers, we have sick people we have people who are honestly just going home but have been caught off guard! What does blocking the roads help in reducing corona? Do you even care that these people you are blocking to go home are out here husting to have your salaries paid? Do you know without them paying taxes you would not have your salaries that are giving you that opportunity to choose whatever you want to eat in that buffet in the middle of a pandemic! Enough is Enough! Yes we know curfew is 8pm but we were using those last minutes to try and get an extra shilling that you will still tax to have you paid! Bleeding a leech to fatten an heifer!!#FreshStart"


"People Are Suffering Mr President, This Is Doing More Harm Than Good, Most Kenyans Ni Watu Wavibaru Ile Kidogo WaNa Pata Kila Siku WanaTuMia Kwa Familia Zao, HaKuNa Policy Ya Ku Protect Tenants Time Kama Hii LandLord Ana Expect Doh Kama Kawaida Bei Ya Food Ina Panda, How Do u Lock Down A Country Without A way Of Protecting Mwananchi From Landlords And Food Security Juu No One Is Earning!!!! Just Open Up The Country With Covid Guidelines We Feed Our Family"

Khaligraph Jones

"@jalangoo uliambia Wasanii wahame Nairobi waende Kutafuta Opportunities in The Unlocked regions Bahati mbaya sirkali Iliskia Sasa watu Wamekamatwa pale Thika Rd, Mombasa Rd, Langata Rd etc, wameambiwa Hakuna mahali Wanaenda, Sirikali Inanyanyasa Raiyaa Kama kawaida, Like I said we need a permanent solution, You can clearly see that No matter where you Go as long as we dont unify to Change the System, as long as You are in Kenya, you will Still suffer. With That Said. UHURU KENYATTA KINDLY UNLOCK OUR COUNTRY AND END THE CURFEW, THE WHOLE COUNTRY IS MESSED UP.."