I said what I said! Vera maintains her stand on the Anerlisa fund raising drama

Vera maintains Anerlisa's fiancé' put his lady in a very distasteful position.

Vera Sidika

Veteran socialite and entrepreneur Vera Sidika is not retracting her earlier statements in regards to Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai raising funds for her fiancé's bail.

Vera maintains Anerlisa's fiancé' put his lady in a very distasteful position.

Two days ago, while reacting to the news, this is after a close friend of the heiress leaked a group chat of Anerlisa requesting her friends to help her with close to Sh1.5 million for her man.

Vera shared she did not understand why Anerlisa was fundraising for a wealthy man.


The man had been charged on May 6, by the Milimani Anti-Corruption Court for allegedly manufacturing, distributing, and selling substandard fertilizer.

His friends had contributed Sh.1.8 million of his set Sh3 million bail and Anerlisa needed to come up with the rest of the cash. 

Vera termed the whole thing as nasty work highlighting she feels that friends would help raise funds for you but asking them to do that for your man was just wrong.

"They did a girl dirty but I think if you got a rich guy, he should not put you up for embarrassments like that," part of the Real Housewives of Nairobi star post in regard to the fiasco read.

Vera Sidika

A few netizens called out Vera reminding her that the entrepreneur had highlighted Josiah's accounts had been frozen by the court and that is why they had no money, but she wasn't having it.

"Y'all saying Accounts frozen, I knew that," started of the mother of 2 as a response to netizens who had voiced that the Nero Water CEO might have been in a tight spot due to the court freezing her man's assets.

She went on to voice that she felt that was not a valid enough excuse especially since business men are always known to have a whole alphabet of backup plans in case something goes wrong.

In part, the mother of 2 emphasized that if the man had his things well sort out, his lady would not have had to suffer the embarrassment of going to beg which has caused her shame.

"I just thought businessmen always have back up plans in case crisis happens. That way she didn't have to bring her problems to her friends who we all know will always betray. It's a sad world & Nobody gives a f*ck," Vera stated.

Finishing up she noted that the entrepreneur also did not play her cards right as she should have either forked the money off her accounts or gone to her family for help as opposed to involving outsiders. 

"Plus those r issues she could have personally dealt with or just involve her family. Outsiders will just laugh at your problems & still not help," the last of her post read. 

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