Dating Vera expanded my career- Otile Brown

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika in a past file
Image: Courtesy

Kenyan R&B sensation Otile Brown is giving his ex-girlfriend socialite and entrepreneur Vera Sidika her flowers.

The 'Dusuma' hit-maker credited the mother of 2 for helping boost his career and give him more online traction.

According to Otile, Vera's presence in his life during the span of their relationship had a profound impact helping him boost his career. 


Issuing a disclaimer in regard to his above sentiments, Otile made it clear that giving Vera her flowers was not to say that he wasn't already making waves in the music scene, just that her prominence as a socialite helped fuel to his already budding career.

"I've always given her flowers. It's only right. I was big but not all the way. Being that she was a popping socialite at the time, it kinda fuelled it," the 'Nabayet' crooner said during an interview he had with digital content creator Oga Obinna.

He went on to praise the mother of 2 some more adding;


“Vera boosted my career. I was big but after she came into my life, she expanded it. I will always give her, her flowers.”

Vera Sidika with her ex-boyfriend Otile Brown in a past photo
Image: Courtesy

The controversial socialite not only influenced Otile Brown's career through her status but also helped churn out his creativity. He wrote and dedicated a song dubbed "Baby Love," that over the years has amassed over 18 million views on YouTube for her.

Vera even featured in the music video for the hit song that was released 5 years ago.

Finishing up, Otile Brown maintained that he has never been into clout chasing as his reputation precedes him. The artist revealed that he was quite introverted and due to his quite nature he could not keep up with clout, maintaining everything in his life that we see is 100% legit.

“I’m not a kiki person. I am an introvert and so I don’t shout too much because I believe in my craft because I know who I am. Whatever was happening at that time, it was organically bro, it was just happening,” started Otile Brown.

The two (Vera and Mr. Brown) called it quits back in 2018 after less than a year of dating. Their breakup was heavily publicized with shade and drama here and there from both parties.

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