10 facts you need to know about Otile Brown

Otile Brown is among Kenya's most celebrated RnB artists.

at a photoshoot
Otile Brown at a photoshoot
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Otile Brown is one of the most successful musicians in Kenya and East Africa.

The RnB star prides himself on garnering millions of followers on social media. On Instagram alone, the star has over two million followers.

Otile has made top music charts with songs like Alivyonipenda, Kistaarabu, Chaguo La Moyo featuring Sanaipei Tande, Aje Anione, Samantha, This Kind Of Love, Aiyana featuring Sanaipei Tande, In Love featuring Alikiba, Dusuma featuring Rwandese star Meddy, Watoto Na Pombe featuring Mejja among others.


This year, Otile became the first Kenyan singer to clock one million subscribers on Youtube.

His hit song 'Woman' featuring Tanzanian superstar Harmonize hit one million views in just 48 hours after being released.

In a celebratory post, he wrote;


“Yo! We [are] finally at a million views for sure,”

In October last year, he condemned the act of deleting his music video from YouTube.

"No respect for people who will cheat or bring others down to shine .. weak ish* .. " He wrote


"Anyways I’m currently in South Africa drinking one of the best cocktails in the world .. rocking new Versace Glasses, new balance 550 shoes, a new Zara sweatshirt & a Gucci body cross bag .. let’s not talk about them lil chains please 😊😏 losing my cool with y’all.. #justinlovemusic #wegotnothingbutlove”.

Below are 10 fun facts you did not know about Otile Brown

  • Otile Brown's most successful album is 'Just In Love' released in 2020
  • He has a record label called 'Just In Love Music'
  • He signed singer Jovial before split.
  • He parted ways with Dr. Eddie-owned label 'Dreamland Music label' in March 2017
  • He released his debut album 'Best of Otile Brown' in 2017
  • Otile's real name is Jacob Obunga 
  • He was born in Kisumu but raised in Miritini, Mombasa
  • Otile Brown was born on 21st March 1994
  • He is the last born in a family of four: He has one sister
  • He has two public relationships; With Vera Sidika and Nabayet.

Catch him live on Saturday 30th July at Carnivore Grounds where he will be performing at the Stanbic Yetu Event.

He will be curtain raising for Award winning RnB star Anthony Hamilton.

Other artistes will be performing include June Gachui.

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