Enough jail time- Vera Sidika pardons people she'd blocked

Vera is famously known for blocking negative netizens as well as fellow celebs who rub her off the wrong way

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika unblocked people in her Instagram page
Image: Instagram

Entrepreneur/reality TV star and socialite Vera Sidika has announced that she is giving her ops a second chance and unblocking them on her Instagram account.

The socialite is known to be a no non-sense person on social media and is known to always block people whether they're fans or fellow big wigs in the industry who dare to troll or speak negatively about her.

All through she has maintained she always blocks people for a reason, adding that, having many followers ready to pounce on you with negativity is just not worth it.

But now she is extending an olive branch and letting people off the naughty corner.

On her Instagram stories the new mom wrote, "I'm unblocking everyone!"

She went on to add, "everyone is getting unblocked even those who been going on blogs campaigns to talk about Vera Sidika has blocked.

Everyone! Including all my exes,"


Finishing up Vera intimated that either she was about to move out of her house or her ex was moving in the same area where she resides.

Talking about her exes she revealed, "kwanza one is soon going to be my neighbour," before adding a wailing emoji.

The mother of 2 reminded people not to feel that important as she wasn't going through the process of unblocking people on her own.

"Oh no, I don't have time in my hands to unblock y'all. I have assistants for that," Vera snobbishly wrote.

Some of the known social media personalities who are publicly known to having been blocked by the entrepreneur include socialites, Risper Faith, Corazon Kwamboka, Trisha Khalid, singer Noti Flow and lastly her ex, renowned recording and performing artist Otile Brown among others.

Finishing up the socialite announced that her team had notified her that everyone had been unblocked as of now.

"My team just informed me that everyone has been unblocked," Vera wrote adding a laughing emoji.

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