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Socialite vera sidika in the past
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I guess socialite cum entrepreneur Vera Sidika actually did listen to Wanjapi remix and Breeder LW's iconic line, " IG ilibore after Vera apate mimbal" and decided to take action now that her baby is 6 months old.

Because honestly, this to me is a comeback.

This week alone she's been on headlines for both interesting and doubtful reasons, good and bad but hey any publicity is good publicity, or so they say

Yesterday, gym enthusiast cum social media personality, Corazon Kwamboka during an interview with Mungai Eve revealed that Vera had blocked her for no reason as they had not any disagreements or much interaction for that matter.

She said this in relation to people saying that the shoot she had done for her baby's birthday was an attempt to copy Vera's baby half birthday party.

"First of all, I don't check her (Vera) page since for some reason I am blocked and I don't know why since we have never really interacted," Corazon said.


Asked why she was blocked, Corazon said;


"I knew for many years that she had blocked me but now I don't know if she unblocked me since I don't even bother."

Artist, Noti Flow also commented saying she as well had been blocked by the socialite.


"Alaa! She blocked me too 😹 so petty." Noti said.

Well the new mom was not having it and she decided she was not going to ignore the accusations.


Vera posted on her Insta stories claiming " when the hate doesn't work, they start telling lies."

She went ahead to add that she naturally blocks all people who come to her DM with negative energy.

"Surely? By the way, I do not block people for no reason. Everyone blocked knows the exact reason why..."

Before adding, "You come to my DM writing paragraphs of hate while I am minding my business. I won't respond. Utakula block roho safi. You straight-up directly hate for no reason.

I will block you to save you some energy. Maybe having access to my page sparks hate. So, I will save you the trouble and block."

Vera also highlighted that she blocks those who show her fake love on her page but leave nasty comments about her on other social media pages as well.

"What's funny is that they will open fake accounts to watch every move while running around like cry babies ati they've been blocked. Lol. Will you die? Is the block a death sentence abeg?"

"People who really don't care about being blocked won't even bother mentioning they're blocked. That's irrelevant. they keep it moving. but maybe it hurts like a bitch that's why they will always talk about it."She finished off.

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