Businessman and socialite Vera Sidika

Businessman and socialite Vera Sidika has said that she will never use her relationship to chase clout.

In a series of posts, Ms Sidika made it clear that chasing clout with a breakup is something she will never attempt.

“Break-up clouts are lame, overused & retired. I have never done breakup clout in over 5 years. I always have unique ideas if I wanna chase clout & yall know it, not this,

"Ps just stop forcing. Not everything in life revolves around clout. I can NEVER do breakup clout, anything else but that.

“Whatever happens, happens in real life & btw, in case u didn't know, not all breakups are caused by infidelity. There are lots of issues that contribute,” Vera Sidika said.

Vera Sidika's post

Vera went on to acknowledge that in life people break up and move on or even reconcile after solving their differences.


“Life happens. People break up & move on. Some break up & fix issues. That's what life is all about.

Never a smooth ride, But one thing about me, since the growth from past relationships, I have never done this B.S,"

She also mentioned that no one knew about her break up with her Senegalese and Tanzanian exes.

“That's why nobody even knew when I ended things with the Senegalese ex, Tanzanian ex until months later,” she said in part.

MS Sidika further added that;

“Clout chasing with fake break up only invites. Negative energy in your relationship. That's why I don’t do break-up clout

"It’s like some kinda curse. It's either we break up or not. Or broke up and later resolved issues. Not break up for clout. Is childish and tiring,”.

The statement comes at a time it had been reported that Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo are no longer an item.

Vera Sidika's post

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