RHON confirms Vera Sidika has welcomed her 2nd born

The news was made public as season one of the captivating reality show, Real Housewives of Nairobi came to an end.

Vera Sidika reveals she drinks champagne even while pregnant
Image: Instagram

It has been made official that entrepreneur and reality TV star Vera Sidika has given birth to her baby boy.

The news was made public as season one of the captivating reality show, Real Housewives of Nairobi came to an end.

In the season finale the producers included a note card that confirmed that indeed the socialite had welcomed her 2nd born.

"Vera gave birth to a handsome baby boy that she is so obsessed with," the first part of the note read.

They went on to dispel rumours that the artist and her hubby, Brown Mauzo had named their son Ocean.

"And nopes, she did not name him Ocean as the ladies suggested," the rest of the text read.

In the same note, the producers went to as highlight some of the things Vera had been working on even as a new mom promising that she'd be dropping new music soon.

"Veetox business is doing so well, she is currently working on expanding. She is also working on new music at the moment as she stays booked and busy with appearances worldwide," the final part of the note from the RHON producers/directors read.

On Thursday, March 9, 2023, Vera and Brown Mauzo held an exquisite gender reveal party where the gender of their baby was revealed by a Helicopter.

Gender of Vera Sidika's unborn baby revealed by a helicopter

A video shared by Vera shows curious onlookers who had been invited to the party sighting a helicopter flying over the venue of the event before releasing blue smoke into the sky to the excitement of all the guests and parents-to-be.

“OMGGGGG I’M SCREAMING!!! 🙀😱We having a BOOOOOY!!! 💙💙💙💙💙Damn. A Dream come true.

I finally have my boy 😩❤️ Our 1st Gender Reveal party was epic. This time, we wanted something unique & different so we went for a chopper 🚁 reveal. TEAM BLUEEEE 💙💙💙 whoop!! 🙌 Asia is daddy’s girl. We’ll finally have mommy’s boy. I’m so grateful to God for our growing family 🙏,” Vera Wrote.

In a different post a week later, Vera revealed that she wants a painless procedure and she's willing to spend as much as she did with Asia to make it possible.

She also disclosed that she has already booked her surgery date with her private doctors and their team.

A while back while responding to questions about how much she spent during Asia's delivery Vera revealed that the total cost was a little over 2 million... An amount she's willing to part with again.

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