TikTok sensation Pilot Nyako
Image: Instagram

German based Kenyan Tiktoker Nyako Pilot has issued an apology to popular TikTok "tycoon" King Roso begging him to forgive her for her past shenanigans and go back to sending her huge TikTok gifts.

The controversial TikToker in her recently posted video begged the moneyed and overly generous King Roso to go back to being her supporter.

Adding that he can make her happy by sending her 10 lions during one of her kid's birthday that is coming up soon.


A lion on the video and photo sharing app is among some of the most expensive tokens that one can be gifted. It costs about 30,000 coins, which translates to about $400 which is Sh 54,000.


It is unclear when their beef started and what brought it about but King Roso found himself in Nyako's bad graces and was a recipient of her heated online rants.

"King Roso, you know that you are the money bag. I am not simping, but return those lions, please. You spoiled me. I miss those old days. If you can even come back with 10 lions during my kids' birthdays, I will appreciate it," the controversial TikToker said in a video shared on her page.


She went on to add that she would not allow herself to fall in love again or let love dictate how she carries herself as she has learned her lesson.


"I said I do not mind if you come back, you are the reason all Kenyans have joined TikTok with all our lions. Please open your heart, I will not fall in love again. Bring the lions back, please," added Nyako. 

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