Kimani Mbugua raises concerns as he dares those who raised money for him to reverse

Former Citizen TV journalist Kimani Mbugua's viral video leaves Kenyans worried

raises concerns with his new video
Former Citizen TV presenter Kimani Mbugua raises concerns with his new video

Former Citizen TV journalist Kimani Mbugua has raised concerns after his recent video where he appeared to be intoxicated or mentally disturbed.

In the said video, the presenter could be seen walking around in a neighbourhood alone while talking incoherently to himself, leaving many completely perplexed.

Mbugua, in the video much to netizens dismay went on to dare those who had sent him money when he was stranded to come and get their money.


While begging for help, 3 months ago Mbugua on his Instagram had asked Kenyans to help him with exactly Sh.200k to start a business as he was struggling financially.

"Please send whatever you can ata 1 bob ni sawa...I need to raise capital for my company (200k) I will keep you updated on how the money is being used. Asanteni sana," he wrote on his Instagram feed.

With the help of media personality Nyako, he was able to raise Sh. 500k and noted he was super grateful for the help.


However, things are not looking great right now.

Kimani Mbugua
Kimani Mbugua

Still speaking incoherently and acting a little hyper in the video, the journalist added that he did not need the money that had been raised and strongly told those who'd helped him to come for a refund, leaving many with mixed reactions


It is unclear if Kimani had a relapse with his mental health issue. The former Citizen TV journalist a while back opened up with his struggles with bipolar 1 and had been hospitalized at Mathare hospital.

In an interview with Vybez, Mbugua narrated his own personal experience.

"As with every mental issue, you don't realize it at the time. When you are losing it, it happens so gradually. In fact, when you are losing it, you feel like you are becoming more sane. As you become insane your brain tells you that you are becoming more sane,"

He added;

"Your brain starts noticing small things like you see a billboard and start feeling excited, you look at the TV and think you know that person who is speaking,"

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