Nyako viciously picks a fight with viral nanny Rosie over this issue

The TikToker took to her page to bash Rosie following an interview that the later did when she flew back to her homeland, Kenya.

Pilot Nyako
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Controversial Kenyan TikTok content creator based in Germany, Rose Atieno popularly known as Nyako is picking a fight with viral trending domestic worker Nanny Rosie.

I know I was equally surprised! Like why would anyone in their right mind try to bash sweet Rosie who stole millions of hearts across the globe with her soft spoken nature and her bright light... emphasized by how much her Lebanese employers and their kids adored her?

Well, Nyako will do anything for clout and relevance.


The TikToker took to her page to bash Rosie following an interview that the later did when she flew back to her homeland, Kenya.

Rosie during the interview was asked a bunch of questions with one of them pertaining to her knowledge of Kenyan social media personalities. In the interview Rosie revealed she had absolutely no idea who Nyako (she was part of the social media people mentioned ( was and she'd never heard of her.

Nanny Roseline ‘Rosie’ Atieno
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Her response pierced right through Nyako's aged heart! How dare she not know her! Nyako would not let this slide, her brain tells her she is an international sensation like Beyonce, Taylor Swift or our very own Sauti Spl and nothing less. So she took to her favourite video app, TikTok, to lecture poor Rosie.

Nyako in her angry retort warned Rosie that her fame is fleeting and she'd come crawling begging for help.

"You de craze! There is nothing you are going to do in Lebanon. There is no going back to the Arab nation.

You're saying you do not know your fellow Kenyans, you will look for us. It is just a matter of time," 

Viral nanny Rosie and her Lebanese employer and his kids

The TikTok went on to insinuate that she was a household name across the Gulf region so Rosie saying she does not know her was interesting.

"Who does not know me in the Gulf? I am not insisting that you must know me but who doesn't know me," Nyako emotionally ranted in her video directed towards Rosie.

This time round though TikTokers are not on her side and most strongly feel Nyako is jealous of Rosie's current 15 seconds of fame and is riding on Rosie's coattail for relevance.

Here are a few comments from the video sharing app;

Pam: Nyako saa hapo umezidi,Rosie is just a simple girl hata hakujua story za tiktok like inalipa or not. She didn't know anything.

mwikali Grace 🥰: but why Nyako ???kwani is it a must kila mtu akujue ,,, this jealousy is on another level...

lucinims: huyu mama has a delusion of grandeur...she thinks she is a super star that everyone knows her

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