Pilot Nyako
Image: Instagram

Kenyan TikToker based in Germany, Rose Atieno popularly known as Nyako has cried out claiming that she doesn't know what has caused the bank account she uses for her TikTok monetisation to be closed.

In a video that has been circulating online this past weekend, Nyako was seen grieving, sadly explaining that she does not know what happened as she has completely failed to access her account to make transactions to pay the bills that are staring at her.

She felt that maybe someone had reported her to the government through the tax collection authority due to the large income that she is making from TikTok.

"My bank account is closed. I can't find it. It has been blocked. I don't know who wrote what again to the government this time.


I have to pay my rent from TikTok. I have to pay my insurance from TikTok.

The money has been taken. I don't even know where to start at this point. I don't know what to ask," she said.

Nyako revealed that the people who were bothering her when she was trying to make a living through TikTok may be the same people who disturbed her work in the past.


"The same people who made me lose my job. I was going to work. I used to get up very early in the morning like everyone else and go to work.

I was so content and happy with my job until the same people on TikTok came together to deny me the right to go to work. Someone wrote me a letter at work. And I lost my job within 24 hours," she said.

This comes a few days after a vicious argument with entrepreneur Akothee.

The mom of 5 was the first to be affected by their discussion after TikTok closed her account for a while before Nyako came and claimed that the bank account responsible for receiving TikTok's income was also closed.

Watch the video below;