Kenyan Tiktoker Nyako has made U-turn reports that she is set to be deported from Germany after landing in trouble with authorities.

An angry Nyako put up a video lecturing her critics with an affirmation that she is not leaving Germany anytime soon.

According to the TikToker, she has already acquired German Citizenship courtesy of her Kids and therefore she can’t be deported that easily.

"I have been on another livestream now, claiming that I am being deported—in your dreams. Guys, I'm in Germany because of my children. My residence permit is because of my kids, and nothing can separate me from my children.

"Before you rush to deportation, I have qualified to be a German citizen, officially. So, that is my right. Drill it into your head," Nyako stated confidently.

A few weeks ago, a video of Nyako confessing that she was about to be deported went viral online.

t has not turned out that it was all a hoax- choreographed by Nyako to tame her critics.

In the said video, Nyako aired her frustrations at a time when Electricity had been disconnected at her house.

At the time, Nyako was begging for help from her fans. She has been struggling to make ends meet after her PayPal accounts were allegedly frozen by the German authorities.

She was later asked to declare how much money she earns on TikTok.

"They have disconnected my power, so I want your help. They have said that I will be deported next weekend, so I don't even need power. My deportation papers are ready so they have disconnected my power and I don't even have water. So I don't know who will adopt my kids,” Nyako said in the video that she has now denounced.

The controversial TikToker even asked Kenyans living in Germany to help take care of her kids.

Which Kenya will volunteer to adopt my kids, because when I'm deported who will stay with my kids? My kids can't be deported because they have German Citizenship,” she said.

Recently Nyako has been struggling after several people accused her of fraud – forcing the Germany authorities to intervene.