A look into what Brown Mauzo does for a living

Brown Mauzo is currently dating reality TV star Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo
Image: Instagram

After reality TV star/ entrepreneur and musician Vera Sidika got into a fight with socialite and social media influencer Amber Ray, peoples curiosity centred around what Vera's husband actually does for a living rose to very high levels.

In the midst of their fierce online altercation, Amber called Brown Mauzo jobless and intimated that she had an opening for him.

During her comeback to Vera, Amber went on to fire salvos at Vera Sidika, stating that she is ready to book her husband Brown Mauzo to perform at her baby shower.

“You claim to inspire us yet you can’t your guy to get a job.

Anyway, I’m planning my baby shower and I’m willing to pay him to perform at least tuone kama talanta itakubali apate kakitu." A furious Amber wrote.

This got people really thinking, we don't see Mauzo holding concerts or being invited to perform at events even clubs. Yes he does release a song every once in a while to remind us that he is a singer but that is all he ever does.

He doesn't even hype up his music like his Kenyan and East African counterparts do. So YouTube pay from his few songs that ain't really hit songs can't be his how he is sustaining his life, his wife's life and their kids as well.

So what does Brown Mauzo do for a living?

Vera Sidika, with her first born Asia Brown and her baby daddy Brown Mauzo
Image: Instagram

He has a YouTube channel that 84.1 thousand subscribers, however interestingly enough it has none of his music videos up. Everything seems to have been pulled down and the only post remaining is from 2 years ago when Vera surprised him for his birthday.

According to an extensive google search it was revealed that he has a clothing line dubbed Mauzo collections. It has a few branches in Mombasa, he'd hinted at plans to open one in Nairobi as well but that never bore fruits. And apparently he owns his own record label which he left Ogopa Dj's to go start.

The name of his label is a mystery though some cites suggest its called Mauzo classic and he'd apparently at some point signed Akothee before her fame blew up and she left.

Defending her husband from public scrutiny Vera said that he is an industrious man he just likes keeping his business on the down low. Sounds suspicious because without marketing how do you get clients and investors? 

But she could be right, rich establishment depending with their target market and clientele don't go around advertising themselves.

Vera has on different occasions vehemently denied being the one funding her hubby's lifestyle but at the same time highlighting that there wouldn't be a problem if that was the case.

She notes as an independent woman your life has to go on whether your mans pockets are stacked or not.

“You should know better.. if you only knew the assets my hubby has you’ll sit quietly in a village.

He’s just not the type to flaunt or talk. Him being an artist doesn’t mean he ain’t got his shit together my friend. You all live in a society where you drive range rovers & own no properties & think that’s a flex.

Some people invest in important things & never make noise. I’m loud, I know. My man ain’t. And coz he ain’t doesn’t mean he ain’t got his life well put together. Y’all know I’m smart enough to make the right decisions. so move on.” Vera said in defence of her man.

So I guess maybe we can take a leap of faith and add businessman/ investor to the list of things Mauzo does?

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