Vera Sidika, Brown Mauzo and Amber Ray

The war of words between Vera Sidika and Amber Ray is far from over as they continued to expose each other.

On Saturday night, Amber put up a post announcing that she is planning a baby shower and anyone who feels will be copied should speak out right now.

"For the books, I have officially started planning for my Baby shower kama kuna mtu hataki to be copied .... This is the perfect time to post your event so that my event planner can know exactly what to avoid IS. ....please don't wait ifike few days to my event then post yours that happened months ago trying to kill my will never work! let's try an avoid the previous mistake," she wrote.

She went to fire salvos at Vera Sidika, stating that she is ready to book her husband Brown Mauzo to perform at her baby shower.

“You claim to inspire us yet you can’t your guy to get a job.

Anyway, I’m planning my baby shower and I’m willing to pay him to perform at least tuone kama talanta itakubali apate kakitu.

Sisi you see the life you pretend to live, some of us live it without the need of coming to social media with fake receipts to prove a point. Let’s normalize staying in our own lanes,".

Amber Ray's post

Vera fired back saying that Amber can’t afford to pay her husband.

“You and your entire village combined can’t afford to pay my husband for a show. Keep dreaming. Honestly. He would rather perform for ants and roaches. Were you not the one parading pics with him all over IG? If you couldn’t afford to pay him then, what makes you think you can afford him now?

Wait, its coz of the few coins from Mr. I get it but still can’t afford him,”.

On copying, Vera’s Gender reveal party, Amber made it clear that she started planning hers back in December 2022.

Vera Sidika's post

She also alleged that Vera was chased from her Kitusuru apartment due to rent arrears after lying to the public that she owned the house.

She added that Vera’s life was being bankrolled by their mutual friend who even paid for her baby shower, hospital bills, and Limousine from the hospital.

“…You moved from Kitususu where you lied to people that you had bought the house.

“Your former landlord was a family friend and would never tell people that you moved to Mombasa due to outstanding rent arrears which have gone unpaid till this day,”.

However, Vera has disputed the claims –unleashing receipts that show that she paid for everything. She accused Amber of using her former friend against her because she passed away and can’t comment on the issue.

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