Kennedy Rapudo, Amber Ray and Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika has penned another message to Amber Ray as their beef escalates. 

The two are beefing about who copied who for their gender reveal.

Amber had allegedly planned to scoop Vera before she posted her gender reveal party which happened in December but was supposed to air in the ongoing reality show.

Amber planned her party but some friends hinted to Vera that Amber's reveal was going down with similar setup as hers.

Vera had to release hers before to counter what she terms as Amber wanting to embarrass her.

In the morning, Amber Ray clapped back at Vera Sidika after she accused her of copying her gender reveal idea.

Amber put out a classy response, addressing Vera’s allegations. In her clap back, Ray argued that the gender reveal idea was started back in 2008 by Jenna Karvunidis and anybody who have held one after that was just copying her (Jenna).

Now, Vera claims that 'clean' message was not done by Amber as she hates her so much and alleged that it was done by Amber Ray's bae Kennedy.

Here is Vera's message to Amber:

"Breakfast in Nairobi, let’s take the Eurocopter for lunch in the wild. 🚁 Dear Kamba girl, First of all it’s great you acknowledged The Queen and her presence 👑Big Thanks to you Ken. That’s a beautiful clean write up bro, bravo.

We all know u did that 👏👏This copying thing was your intention initially. I don’t care about a chopper. I’ve flown in proper choppers, private jets & been about that life for over 10 years straight so an ordinary chopper is like a bicycle to me, honestly.

That’s why We pay for it to just fly across & reveal & not be inside it, coz we used to this life. Your intentions were clear: to find out all details about my reveal, do 90% similar & post it before mine airs on Showmax -RHON so u can say I’m the one copying your content & putting it on a show Coz u hate our show! That’s what u said to *u know who* even said; “we will reveal right before her’s goes on air so she looks like a copy.”

Since u stalk everything we film on the show -thanks to ur pal that gives u details on when it airs etc as they work in the glam sector.

Thing is; why would you hate someone so much & still stalk them?? I have never interacted with you before.

You call me an enemy yet u the one with the problem. 3 years ago in 2020 you went on IG live with ur BFF & started hating.

Publicly hating on someone u had never met. And I blocked y’all. Ever since you’ve been throwing shade & hate on your Ig as I IGNORE. (seen on blogs) I’ve never said anything negative about u in private or public. But what baffles me is how u hate & still went telling ur friend to invite me to ur bday in 2021.

Which I declined. Coz why would someone that hates u want u at their party? To poison me maybe? I don’t know. 🤷🏽‍♀️If at all you had apologized earlier I would have honored that invite. Months later still went on Ig hating; “oh I don’t like her she’s fake na roho mbaya” all this for someone u don’t know. Wow. 🤔 -screenshots on my Ig story.

I pray the hate you have for me ends. So we can move on. It’s a new phase with your blessing coming, just let it go. It’s not worth it boo ❤️Wish you well & praying for your safe delivery 🙏& Its not 2023 for me. It’s last year; Dec 2022."

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