Just like Kamene Goro, I still ask myself what's the joy of trolling? What value does it add to their lives.

Taking a break from her well deserved holiday, she had a few words to those who are very active when it comes trolling on social media.

”Here’s the thing about trolling that’s very dangerous. It’s not even what you think. You don’t know when you need that person that you are trolling. The other day some young chick went and wrote some nasty comment on my page I DM'd her asking her kama nimemkosea. She said, oh, no, I’m just trying to get your attention because I need some assistance with something here. And I asked her,  your reasoning was that you insult me so that I can help you?"

From that experience, Kamene continued by advising people you might need the one you are trolling. Si must.

”Long story short, that is not anyone I’m ever going to help. A lot of these people you troll, you never know. Might be the person you’re looking for a job from. Might be the person who can facilitate that loan for you. You never know….” Kamene concluded

Her co-host on The Morning Kiss, Jalango told her to stop giving those who do not matter airtime.

"Unaongea saana bwana...saitan kuja kazi!! Mbona pia unapatia non staters airtime...sahii ungekuwa unakunywa mohito baridi....huyo troller anajua private jet imekua mombasa 7 days ikikungoja?😂😂😂"

May those who have ears hear.