Akothee's words are right. As the saying goes, damned if you do and damned if you don't.  These were Akothee's words in a nutshell.

And for a celebrity, if they decide to be silent when attacked it is wrong when you decide to talk, it is even worse.

Taking to social media, she expressed it all saying,

"Being a celebrity is very difficult. You wake up to all kinds of rubbish , if you don't address it , they take it and run with it , if you address it ,some idiots come under the umbrella of " don't stoop low to their level, Ignore them ,and they will be the same ones sending you the trends in inbox . People should stop being hypocritical."

Akothee then added that celebrity/fan relationships are tough.

"We are human beings , and we have relatives ,families and people around us, how do you think they feel when they see all this rubbish .Can we just be human for ones and engage more of our minds instead of pouring out rage, pain, desperation to people who don't owe you anything ?When fans attack a celebrity it's their opinion, when a celebrity reacts to the attack savagely  ooh she / he is rude , showing off , she was once where they are , oooh ,she is looking down upon her fans 'Wait' what kind of relationship are we having ?Love/ hate relationship is the reasons as to why , celebrities run away when they see fans in their private sector ."

But she reminded her fans that she will always clap back, and will never change.

"The truth is ,the love comes with equal shares of Hate , but I just wonder how you hate someone you have never met . Is it not too much energy I am not angry ,I am just disappointed that your success is poisonous to some souls ,whom you have just met online . And again they can't do without you ,so they hate follow ,hate follow ,until they turn into witches. Get well SOON. As for me ,I will insult you ,remind you that you are suffering ,mix your family and and your area chief." Akothee concluded