Maureen Waititu has occasionally told us that she has been raised by a single mother.

In as much as many women are thriving as single mothers, it is not easy. Taking to social media, she sent a message to her two-year-old self telling her she would have told her she is made for greatness. 

Maureen found a TBT picture of her when she was two and it took her down memory lane.

"I found this old picture of Little two-year-old Maureen (Edit -yes two years I was a tall girl and so are my sons ), with the swag a few months ago at my mom’s house. I’ve been staring at it and I’ve been so emotional realizing what she’s had to fight and endure to become the woman, daughter, friend, sister and mom that she is now. If I could tell her something today, I’d tell her that the journey wouldn’t be easy but she’d always have a guardian Angel who would give her grace to endure every difficult season and protect her from everything the enemy throws her way." She shared

Adding that she will tell her she has a purpose to minister to her generation.

"I’d also tell her that it’s okay to fall, make mistakes, bend, crush, be unsure, be imperfect, but all in all, that she needs to keep her head held high as she’s meant for greatness and that she has a purpose and duty to her ministry and generations that would see her break every curse and bondage and that she’d carry the blessings meant for them. I’d tell her that God knew her before she was woven in her mother’s womb, that He is her author and she is who God says she is. PeriodT. What would you tell a younger you? On the fun side, swipe left and let me know if that little boy looks anything like his mom at also age 2 Ps, I was hiding my mom's photo inside my shirt!"

Speaking during a recent interview with Pinky Ghelani, Maureen Waititu for the first time speaks about her rebuild a relationship with her paps and what it feels like. 

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