On the Morning Kiss with Kamene and Jalas, Masauti came in to drop his new jam live on Kiss FM.

He was so happy to see Kamene saying it is the first time ever and in as much as he was excited he had to keep calm because it is the holy month of Ramadhan.

"It has been a journey like three years in pole pole up to where we are and it is not over. Wallahi she feels good because it was her dream for us since she was the mother and father and we decided to do this for her."

An excited Kamene asked to be pardoned when it comes to her Swahili.

"It is the first time I have met you. Kiswahili changu inapenda kunichenga. You look so much younger than I thought."

The 26 year old is already living the dream of older people and is doing the most at such a young age including building his mother a house.

In as much as the pandemic hit in 2020, Masauti has managed to stay relevant in the music industry.

"2020 I did one song, then three songs including the one with Khaligraph. seven songs since 2020. "

"Last year was hard, if there is one person who has held it down for you and you want I appreciate for being part of your journey," Kamene asked

"I swear one God it is Jalas he made me get out of my comfort zone. He saw me when I was not even a big star and I had a bit of a problem and in nine months I went silent. But he held my hand and he helped me so much he is the blessed hand that made me be known all over."

Jalas who is so proud of Masauti said that he had not seen music as a business.

"Masauti had not seen music as a business the was doing it for the love of music. And I told him he can better. He did 'Kiboko' then 'Ipepete' and that is when things blew up. It takes a good artiste to sing in studio with no auto-tune."

In as much as he discovered he was talented in 2016, his mum told him he had always been a singer.

"I was raised by both parents but at some point, they separated and my mum took over the role."

"Does it make you look at women differently from your daughter to your wife? " Kamene asked the singer

"Wanawake ni watu wanajitolea sana for the ones they love up until the time she was unable and it got to a point we told her to chill is is time for us to take care of her." Masauti answered

What more can you add? Respect to men who appreciate women's efforts.

He ended the show with a live performance of For You, Koroga and of course Kiboko.