We are still on the fight Kenyan celebrities are having with the government over the curfew. 

Papa Jones has thus far been the most vocal one and in as much as he has gotten the support of many other celebrities, Otile Brown does not agree with his latest statement to William Ruto.

"Hustler, najua we utasoma Hii, Ma Husler Wanaumia Kwa ground, Watu wanalala Njaa, Nyumba zinafungwa, If you help us in This Situation, I will campaign for you for free in the coming Elections, Kindly help Unlock our Country," Khaligraph told Ruto

To which the Vice President responded by saying,


"Bazuu Khaligraph, nimepata message yako bro. Ahsante. Mimi najua the pain of sleeping hungry. As a personal initiative, niko ready kusaidia as we complement government programs on the same. I will also mobilize my friends to get some more tusaidie. Sasa, tafadhali kama uko na time kidogo on your schedule, 1. Talk to fellow artists and others on how mtasaidia kupeana food. 2. Mkipata time ingine kidogo, mjipange we share ideas on how to help the creative industry. Najua huko kuna talent mingi tu sana. Mungu awabariki."

After Ruto responded to Khaligraph with a sort of positive and hopeful response, he added another plea.

"To Deputy President William Ruto Sir, While I appreciate your response on the issue at hand and the plight of creatives in our Country, I urge you to really help us talk to His Excellency the President Uhuru Kenyatta to open up the country. Creatives are Just but a fraction of the people suffering from the current lockdown measures. Many sectors economy have been affected by the current situation and the situation is becoming unbearable. We understand the government imposed the measures to help curb the spread of covid 19 but they should do so having everyone in mind. We urge you to help negotiate a way in which We can mitigate the spread of this deadly virus at the same time PROTECTING OUR LIVELIHOODS. Our plea is one, we just want OUR COUNTRY UNLOCKED. Thank you." Khali responded to Ruto

Otile Brown who has also been crying out to the government to unlock the country did not agree with Papa Jones offering to campaign for Ruto free of charge. In fact, he goes ahead to urge Kenyans to be wise the next time we vote.

But why campaign for free ... he’s vying next year ... kama awezi kusimama na wana nchi sahii ... it’s on us to decide if we think he deserves that seat or not ... let’s open our eyes this time around or do another 10yrs of msoto... this are the leaders to put pressure on ... tuwache kuwabembeleza” said Otile Brown.