Hamisa Mobetto has opened up about almost giving up after breaking up with the father of her daughter Fantasy.

The 26-year-old said this in an interview with Bellaire CEO Brett Berish.

“I wanted to have more than two businesses, I wanted to be a brand ambassador, a house and have at least two cars. six years ago, I got pregnant for my first child Fantasy.


I was wishing for a happily ever after with her father but we broke up right after I gave birth. i had to start all over again from the beginning, that was so hard for me

I never gave up, even for a second” Hamisa shared

Mobetto added that she has achieved what she wanted two years ago.

“I used to think I had bad luck. When I started modelling, people would say I’m fat and that I have big cheeks and big thighs, models are supposed to be skinny but I  had something unique

I wanted to be a brand ambassador but alot of people didn’t believe in me.”