Savara Mudigi and his girlfriend Yvonne Endo are just pure couple goals. We have been granted the privilege to get to know more about their relationship in season two of Sol Family.

In the latest episode, Nviiri and Elodie - who have refused to admit that they are dating - went to visit the National Park for her to to adopt a snake. As soon as she held the python and it looked straight into her eyes, she panicked and dropped the snake and we got to learn that other than videography, editing, playing the guitar and of course singing, Nviiri could actually be a marathon runner.

He ran so fast leaving Elodie behind but in his defence, he was going to get security and he planned with his 'not my girlfriend' that in the case they need to run, she should follow him. But oh well.

Back to Savara and Yvonne. The two went for a boxing date but got there late and Savara claims it was all his boos fault.

"There are allegations that I influenced his personal decision to partake in some indulgence last night. But I would like to put it out there, I would never influence someone to drink being the good girlfriend that I am." Yvonne said

Adding that,

"Savara is usually very on top of his work out like he is always juking and doing more reps. But this time he is slow, he is running out of breathe he is complaining like a child."

With the way he was feeling, he started thinking it is time to quit the bottle life.

"What is this surely? I am thinking of quitting alcohol. Based on how things are going, I think I will stop drinking"