Doreen Majala has taken to social media with a very important message to those out here attacking and shaming gender-based violence victims.

Especially those who openly come out and speak about it.

Doreen mentioned that she has been a victim of domestic violence and has learned that social media can either build or break a person.

She tweeted;                                


"Today I speak. As one who walked that path. Social media is a platform of influence, it can build/break. Let’s stop shaming & attacking victims who come out male/female. Until you experience or a loved one, you may not understand the magnitude."

Adding that those in the media need to be careful with what they publish on GBV victims.

"To bloggers who are my colleagues in the media industry, as you highlight GBV stories, remember to uphold the dignity of victims. Let’s not publish headlines for views. Some victims withstand heat while others get a mental breakdown. Everyone has a life after any ordeal.” 

After the ordeal that went down a month ago, people are now a bit more careful with what they say online.