Khaligraph Jones has been very vocal when it comes to the situation we have been in as a country since COVID-19 hit Kenya, especially for the entertainment industry.

Last week, he took to social media with a post to President Uhuru Kenyatta, VP William Ruto and Raila Odinga. Out of the three, Ruto is the only one who replied with a plan.

"Bazuu Khaligraph, nimepata message yako bro. Ahsante. Mimi najua the pain of sleeping hungry. As a personal initiative, niko ready kusaidia as we complement government programs on the same. I will also mobilize my friends to get some more tusaidie. Sasa, tafadhali kama uko na time kidogo on your schedule, 1. Talk to fellow artists and others on how mtasaidia kupeana food. 2. Mkipata time ingine kidogo, mjipange we share ideas on how to help the creative industry. Najua huko kuna talent mingi tu sana. Mungu awabariki."

True his word, he met a couple of those big names in the entertainment industry including Jalango, Nonini, Willy Paul and others.

From what Khaligraph shared on Instagram, seems like the meet-up gave them some hope.

"Today We Had a Chance to sit down with the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya and discuss ways on how we can be able to improve The state of the Country and Help The Creative Industry in these Hard times. While some will see this Photo and assume we Went for Handouts, real Agendas were tackled and possible solutions laid down. We are grateful to the audience. Bloggers and busybodies you are now free to run Your Stories but all in All , The OGs shall be respected." He took to social media

Most of the artistes above took pictures with Deputy President  William Ruto and posted them but the comments on those pictures are not so positive.

According to netizens, they feel like it will not bear fruits and that the meet-up was a 'campaign strategy'. 

The only we will know all this is if we give it time. Let's wait to see the strategies they put up to help Kenyans during these tough times.