chito solo
chito solo

A few days ago, interior CS, Matiang'i attracted headlines once again when he claimed that police officers will be barred from dating or getting married to a colleague.

Matiang'i had said, “We will adopt a system similar to that of the Kenya Defence Forces which bars the soldiers from getting into intimate relationships with their colleagues."

"Moving forward, it will be illegal for a police officer to date or get married to a fellow law enforcement officer. If it happens that two police officers fall in love, then one has to leave the Service."


According to Matiang'i this will help in addressing rising cases of sexual harassment and killings in the service.

Kenyans expressed mixed reactions with some questioning how he will be able to stop two adults from falling in love.

Chito bothered by that, decided to pose the question to Kiss listeners, who also think that police officers should be allowed to date and marry whom they like.


David Neto: Let me tell you Chito,this is an infringement of the unconditional right , which is right to marry. Moreover,love is a feeling which can't be put on limitation as these. So if you fall in love with a police colleague ,one must resign,. But why???

Jogo: Each and every person as a right to love whoever he/she likes. If an officer decides to have an affair within,then it's okay but restrictions doesn't offer a solution to everything

Emmanuel: Love is blind, it will be difficult for them not to date among themselves.A man eats where he works.

Northwest Larroma: Haiwezi love is blind

Kasuku: This should have gone across to all major professionals its a good idea

Shadrack: Bora tupewe link ya kuwapata those who are single