Last year, we saw Kamene expand her career and added video vixen to her many titles.

Okay she appeared on Ethic's video a while back but being on Otile Brown's video made it clear she was not doing it once.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Kamene revealed that she was paid some good money when she appeared in Otile Brown's song, ' Quarantine' with her ex co-host, Andrew Kibe.

"Actually I want you guys to know Otile has paid me before. So msimuone hivi hivi. Huyu msee akona doh mingi. I was called in the morning back when I was working with Kibe he told me kuna doh. I told the bro that we had a workshop with PQ and he said yeah after that we go for a shoot in Kile. I asked him for what? He told me ya Otile and told me to shut up and wait for the money." 

Adding that it was good money for her to even consider a vacation.

"And you know for me when it comes to money I always go for it. So we chapa the video like this, we hadn't even finished shooting. MPESA had come through and I looked at it and asked where are we going for a vacation?"

Otile Brown thanked her for coming through and making the video a hit during the pandemic.