Kamene and Jalas on The Morning Kiss, shared the jobs around the world they have just never gotten to understand.

Kamene started off and she explained the job of a bathroom attendant is something she has tried to understand but has never.

"This one job that disturbs me is when you have gone out, sherehe sherehe and you want to go to the bathroom. You enter and the door is opened for you and you wonder who is this opening the door for me in the bathroom. You're even welcomed to the toilet and they open for you the door of the available stall saying 'these are the amenities'. All this time as you're doing your thing, you're just thinking there is someone outside waiting for me. You finish they open the door for you, they give you hand wash, they give you a towel to wipe your hand then they give you lotion then they ask if you want mouth spray, cologne..." She told Jalango

Not really understanding what this person is, he asked,


"Let me ask is this the person who washes the toilets or are they employed to just take care of those coming to the bathrooms? "

"Yes, they are just hostesses," Kamene answered

We are used to the normal lady or gent who sits in the bathroom to make sure it is clean for the customers.

Jalang'o shared his and this one was hilarious.

"I think they are just making sure you're okay so that you do not go puking on people and blacking out so I think it is a good job to help things run smoothly.

The one that disturbs me is this one old mzee in most of the government lifts or old lifts in tao. I do not know if you have met an old man sitting somewhere who just sits somewhere to just press the lift up down, up down. I don't understand."

What is that one job you still think, is it necessary?