We have heard Jalango say that he will vie for the MP seat in Langata but this time, he has said it with so much affirmation.

He had an interview right after his morning show with Kamene on Kiss FM where he talked about a lot. From helping his fellow comedians when it comes to mental health and even financial assistance.

Remember the other day when he said it on air that the craft is not east and so as fans we need to support our creatives when they cry for help.


In a recent interview with Muchiri on NTV, he made it very clear that come 2022, he will be the next Langata MP. He is ready to make the roads worthy.

"Naenda kukua MP wa Langata. Vijana badilisha kura mkuje tujenge langata mpya. Najipigia debe. I am the next MP of Langata mark this day and I don't go for things I can't get. And once I have said it, zoea mheshimiwa wako mapema." Jalango said

And true to his word, when he wants something, he will definitely get it. 2020 is not so far, let us watch this space. I mean look at the emphasis below on the comment he took to social media;

"Btw hakuna kutoroka....mpaka kwa debe! All dreams are valid! God got us on this!! Started from the bottom now we are here and we are not stopping! See you at the finish line! The streets that we walked on hungry with no hopes are the streets that have our billboards!! Even this will come to pass!!"