Last week was a tough one for Milly and Kabi Wa Jesus.

Manz had been accused of fathering a child with his cousin but he denied it until DNA results proved otherwise and he was forced to accept that he is the father.

It wasn't easy for him as one could surmise from the press statement he released after the results were publicly shared. 


His wife Milly Wa Jesus was really there for her man, just as she was when he released the video publicly denying the allegations regarding him fathering the child.

And for that, the father of two took to social media with an appreciation message for his wife.

"Kabi's ka beauty. I am soo much in love with this girl. Yaani huyu dame amesimama na mimi through thick and thin ndio maana she will forever be my Queen đŸ„°đŸ„°."


He later on put up a picture of the two, saying love lives between them. The comment section was full of negativity for Kabi as most would expect from Kenyans who expect the world of their flawed celebrities.