Catherine Kamau aka Kate actress has always shown interest when it comes to Gender Based Violence against women and early pregnancy.

Last week, a wife's sad story of abuse suffered in the cruel hands of her husband went viral.

“URGENT!!!! Help me find the owner of this page that highlighted this story !!! The interviewee is a victim of Gender Based violence ,she has managed to flee from her victim , and is in hiding .a good Samaritan helped her file a report and the case is in court ,she however needs our help to get access to her children, shelter and to empower herself economically . Let us not wait until it's too late .💔 .WE CANNOT BE SILENCED.

And Kate came to the rescue.


“Her spouse took her to a forest, physically abused her, had his way with her, tried to insert a bottle into her private parts, as he explained exactly how be would kill her and leave her there to die”.

The actress also mentioned that a good Samaritan has given Pauline, the lady a 3-bedroom house, but she will need help to furnish it. 

“UPDATE!! Finally got hold of @wambui_wa_mwangij , The interviewer, she says Pauline is still in hiding, her abuser is in custody. So what do we do next

1. Get Pauline counseling and a medical check-up

2. A good Samaritan has given her a 3 bedroom house 😭, she will need help furnishing it with a few basic things

3. Ensure that the case doesn't grow cold and the abuser is prosecuted.

4. Help her set up a business to fend for her children .she says a small soko is okay.


And I Are planning to go see her next week. (She comes from my home village ) 🤦🏾‍♀️in Nyahururu.

We shall get a pay bill number and hopefully, you guys can chip in and help her.


#JusticeforPauline” Kate took to social media