Karen Nyamu has some tea for us about the pregnancy journey of her second-born child.

Speaking in a recent YouTube interview with Picha Clear films, Karen said she discovered she was pregnant with Samidoh's child after two weeks.

After her last scan, the doctors discovered her baby was breech- when the baby is positioned head-up in the woman's uterus, so the feet are pointed toward the birth canal-.

She was told to book for a CS at the 37th week, but she wanted to give birth normally.

"I had been talking to God and I knew this is not what I had told God. I Googled how to change the position of a baby, and one of the things I was required to do was to swim a lot. The baby turned when I visited the last scan. I was so excited until I shed tears in the hospital. I did not want a CS." Karen said

Karen also shared that she was targeting to give birth on November 1 a day both her and Samidoh wanted to welcome their son.

From research, that is Samidoh's birthday.

"The baby delayed and I had to go to the hospital myself," Karen said

Karen encouraged women to go to antenatal clinics in government hospitals, which are free, if they cannot afford private ones, to avoid getting complications at birth.

She also revealed that she went to work to the very last days of her pregnancy.