Karen Nyamu has so much love for Sammidoh which means she will always come to his rescue. So those trolls on social media, she will almost always come for you.

This time she is defending her baby daddy saying he is not a deadbeat as claimed by a section of Kenyans. Their son is now seven months old and their co-parenting relationship is okay. As far as Karen says.

During a live session on her Facebook, a fan blasted her on the comment section


"Aki hii story yako na Sammidoh ilikuaffect saana,. It’s obvious you are going through a crisis.’ The fan wrote.

To which Karen responded,

"Because you are assuming he is a deadbeat dad. Sorry he is not, sorry to disappoint you.’

Not one to back down the fan added that even though Sammidoh was present in his son’s life it’s obvious Nyamu missed him.

‘Oooh nooo, he publicly stated that he will play his part in his child’s life. My assumption is that you may be missing him.’

Just like Prof Hamo, Sammidoh was forced to publicly admit he sired a baby out of his marriage and that he will take full responsibility for the child.