This Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba beef seems like it will never end. I mean it has been so many years ago and still, they always find ways to come at each other.

Remember Diamond went ham a few days ago when he called out Forbes after they released a list without what he called 'lack of research when it comes to top musicians in Africa. 

"Forbes: Next time, Google me to know what I am really worth before putting me on your stupid richest African musicians' list!" He took to social media.

Ali Kiba took to Twitter on Thursday throwing shade at Diamond indirectly. The case of, 'If you know, you know'.

"Listen to me, not a single one of the people you lie to yourself are your peers who have announced they have money on Facebook. There’s no need to complain. If you tell us you have money, we will believe you." King Kiba tweeted

Before the former Tanzanian President John Pombe Maghufuli passed on, he really wanted to mend the beef on the entertainment industry but sadly, he left before he could settle it all.