Larry Madowo jetted back home and he came back as that guy people want to be like.

From his story, he has really grown in his career but when he was young, he had a different dream. He wanted to become a Catholic priest. 

He had enrolled at the Saint Gabriel’s Seminary in Kisumu, where he undertook his O-Level Education.

Madowo changed his mind about joining the priesthood and instead enrolled for a communications degree at Daystar University after high school.

He told Evan-Lee Courie in an interview,


“I ended up working in broadcast by accident. I thought I would be a lawyer or a Catholic priest, but I was clearly not cut out for either. Then I imagined I would be a writer but instead, I got a traineeship position on TV at KTN Kenya when I was just 20. It started my love for television, travel and Twitter. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Larry came back to Kenya after being appointed the CNN Nairobi based correspondent. He said he has always been very keen when it comes to how international media covers Africa. 

He wants the audience to hold him accountable to the same standards he preached, hence help change the narrative.