Terence Creative really tried to keep it on the low but his fans asked and he had to answer.

In a QnA segment on Instagram, he has alleged that he rarely sees his two daughters with his first wife.

“Why are you avoiding the questions about your daughters?” asked a fan.


The online comedian then disclosed that he was intentionally avoiding the topic because, despite his efforts, he doesn't have shared custody of his two children.

“I only visit them at school coz mahali walikuwa wanaishi walihama and I dont know where wanaishi sahii….inauma sana hata baada ya kuwa a good dad and a provider bado nanyimwa shared custody….” Terence shared

Terence went ahead to claim that he has been facing frustration from his baby mama.


“Their mum and family frustratesz the visit to my place, in 7 years wamekuja once.”

The comedian claims that he can only go to Nakuru to visit one of his children who schools there.

He has two children from his previous relationship with his ex-wife and one child, Mila, from his current relationship with Milly Chebby