Jamal Roho Safi’s first wife Amira has for the first time opened up about all the drama that is going on in her marriage with Amber Ray being her co-wife.

Speaking to Massawe, she said she was not informed that her husband was getting married to socialite Amber Ray.

"The fact that I was not informed, made it even worse for me. I learned through social media that he was marrying a second wife. I learned via social media that he is marrying a second wife. As a mother, you can tell that it is not easy."

Although polygamy in Islam it is allowed, Amira said she is not okay since it was not done in the right way. Amira also revealed that Amber Ray was an acquaintance before all this drama.

"I do not talk to her and I can never be her friend. It is hard for me and as a mother you would feel the same. It has never been easy for me and it will never been easy.

Inshallah I will overcome. I do not hold grudges and am okay and I am free and happy with what I am doing."