Risper Faith got tired of the socialite life and finally decided to settle and start a family with Brian Njunge.

It started on social media and now the two are married with one child in a massive mansion in Kitusuru - what they call the suburbs.

Risper had showed us a sneak peek of the house they were building and yesterday she took us round the outside of the mansion. From the videos you would think she was showing off a hotel. It is huge.


"My house, my pride, my joy," she captioned the video she posted on social media

Three years ago, this house was under construction and now it is a complete home for her and the family. A few months ago she even took us into her house showing off her interior design skills.

Now we wait to see the new interior of her house because she had things restored a few weeks ago.

Risper was part of the cast of the popular tv series Nairobi D but she has clearly left that socialite job. She even made club appearances but with her manz, Brian, it is clear he is giving her all she needs.