Zari Hassan has always termed herself the 'bosslady' and true to her word, this babe is always on the grind.

Yes yes she may have inherited a lot of riches from her late husband, Ivan but she is working hard on maintaining all the projects left behind.

With five children, there is really no other option you have, they must all eat and live their best life so you have to hustle.

Taking to social media, Zari was clear that she hates to asking people for things and that motivates her to work really hard.


"Nobody hustles harder than the person who hates asking people for $hit or depending on anybody else ­čĺ»."

If you read her quotes, she is always empowering us to be the best versions of ourselves. If you look at her cars and her office you will always be motivated to do nothing but the best because we want Jaguars and big houses.

When Zari was not communicating with her baby daddy, Diamond, her children still had the best things in life.

Moral of the story siz, work hard you do not want to be out here asking for money or worse, depending on someone.