Jalang'o has made it clear that he is married to only one woman, period.

Speaking on The Morning Kiss, he told Kamene that he had a friend who went on to spread that he sleeps in both his exes houses.

"Apparently, I am married to two women. You know I think when most people saw the relationship between my wife, and my ex Boyo, they thought that you know what, I am married to two people.


And one person that I know went around confirming I have two wives. Ati I sleep at Boyo's and I also sleep at my wife's house. He even said nalala kwa mama mkubwa na kwa mama mdogo."  Jalas said

Kamene laughing at him asked him "hiyo nguvu anatoa wapi?"

He went on to clarify that his ex has moved on and he is very happy with his wife.


"Boyo moved on with her life and baby and I are very happy. We realized that you know what, we are here and the best thing for the kids is for them to know each other there is no need for unnecessary fights. 

So I am not married to two women."