Yesterday, a certain mheshimiwa was trending after his alleged nudes were leaked online.

It was no surprise because we have seen this happen so many times. Remember the lawyer? Then there were some ladies and gentlemen last year who were trending after a video of them having what they called a good time was leaked? And so much more.

On The Morning Kiss with Kamene and Jalas, their words of advice are simple, stop being that guy who records to use them for ransom.


"One thing, I have seen is when guys go out, you do not want to be the person being told to put down your phone all the time. People cannot party around you because they never know what you're doing they do not want to be around you because they cannot trust you.

It has gotten even worse now people are told since we are going in here, phones at the door. We do not want to get there." Jalas said

Responding to this, Kamene spoke to the ladies saying,


"Let me tell the ladies, stop it! You're worth so much more than this puny behavior. You cannot. How are you going to try to bring down such a great man like that? What is wrong?

Even if you're out here looking for the hustle to secure the bag whatever reason you have you cannot be like that. I have refused. It is unacceptable. How are you going to be the one always ready to take videos and pictures of someone in an uncompromising situation just to take advantage of them. Babe yani that is all you're going to do with your life? Stop it.


So you take photos and ask for a ransom? 

I remember when we were out last week, some girl came to our section anajifanya yeye ni beshte yetu sana. Akajifanya she is holding her phone next thing I know she is recording. I took it and asked her what she is doing? She denied but we opened the gallery and saw the video and I asked her, form ni gani?

If it is a picture you wanted we would have taken. We cannot be those people guys, madame wacheni na hiyo tabia.

Ladies, please behave yourselves, we cannot be out here trying to empower and inspire then there is a group trying to disparage the narrative we are trying to fix."