Fathers Day in 2021 is a little bit different and full of emotions. The posts on social media yesterday were very deep.

In a video by Sauti Sol's Fancy Fingers, who recently became a father, he brought out the best in many fathers.

But the most important one is the session he had with his father and his brother Olang’o Otieno jr.


"I really want to know what kind of a father you think I am." Fancy Finger's father asked

Replying to this, the guitarist said,

"You were very strict and that you know that (laughs). I do not know if there are naughty moments about me that I do not remember that you want to talk about?"

His father giggled and said,

"You were playing with other children with the types. Sasa you picked a tire from another child when he was not seeing and you came and hid it kwa store. 


Now as the boy is looking for the tire outside you're looking at him through the window and you didn't know I saw you. So I told you, people who take people's things without their permission are thieves. So you as a thief what you're going to do is carry this tire go to their house to return singing 'I am a thief ' and I will follow you to hear if you will sing those words.

What I was doing was controlling the situation when you're still young because it can get out of hand."

Appreciating his father, Fancy Fingers said that without his father being strict he wouldn't have been a straight boy.

Then his brother, Olang’o Otieno jr. came in and this one was emotional.

"I was a very naughty boy and for a long time, I felt a bit of distance because you were strict. I was curious but also rebellious because you will tell me the same thing over and over again."

The OO's father responded to this saying he is proud of Olang'o.

"It is good you have come out to admit you were a very rebellious boy. But I think if I did not do what I was supposed to do we would have lost you, recovering would not be possible but I thank God because in a way you listened."

"Do you know what changed it for me?" Olang'o asked his father

"There was this time in the night I called you when I was having suicidal thoughts, you remember? And I came home and you walked with me, you were vulnerable in front of me. And that also allowed me to be vulnerable with you. I felt like you uncovered a very blanket or a big thing that made me feel whole again and I appreciate that so much."

Ending their segment, Fancy Finger's and Olang'o's father told his boys who are young fathers that,

"I want to tell you this as a young father, if your child is wrong, tell them they are wrong. But if you ignore trying to please them, you will lose that child so be honest to your child."