Naomi Campbell and Elsa Majimbo
Naomi Campbell and Elsa Majimbo
Image: Naomi's Instagram

Naomi Campbell has celebrated Kenya's Elsa Majimbo on her 20th birthday. These two actually have a real solid friendship. In case you had doubts.

Taking to her Instagram, the Brand Kenya Ambassador shared photos of the both of them at the Coast and Nairobi saying,

"Happy 20th Birthday Sis !! May you continue to shine and say the things people think but do not want to say at same time putting a smile on our faces .. you are a sheer delight .smart beyond your years .. an inspiration to so many ..,love & adore you," Wrote Naomi Campbell.

The babe just turned 20 and thus far, she has achieved so much. I mean to the cover of Vogue and the endorsements she has gotten, massive.

Elsa is pretty excited that she is no longer a teenager but siz, this is where adulting starts. Brace yourself hunny.

Despite all the hate she got, she has managed to use that for her benefit.